PLASON device - NO-therapy

Plason is a medical device for the exogenous preparation of nitric oxide (NO). Application of exogenous NO by various pathologies (wounds, trophic ulcers, diabetic foot, unhealing wounds, pyo-necrotic wounds) is the way to healing made easy. Nitric oxide disinfects open wounds from bacteria, viruses, mould. This way it starts the regeneration of tissue. NO is the strongest disinficator. From the other types the NO penetrates through the skin for the depth of few milimeters and improves vasoconstriction of vessels.

An important feature of NO-containing gas flow is the fact, that if it is possible to introduce exogenous NO to the desired spot of the human body, it shows the same properties as endogenous NO, which makes it´s usage very flexible for various pathologies.

Plason is a portable device, as long as there is the possibility to connect it to the electricity, it could be used anywhere. Usage would include rescue services, ambulances, hospitals, clinics, medical centers.

Design features and the composition of PLASON

Device has monoblock construction and consists of the service block (sb), electro-hydropneumatic (EHP) supply, change manipulators, silicone tube with the metallic tip and foot pedal. Service block is structurally executed in the rectangular metal housing, which consists of two parts - lower and upper.

The lower part of the housing consists of horizontal base, front and rear panels and serves for the installation of all systems, which ensure the work of manipulator. The base of the lower part of the housing executed in the form of hollow airtight rectangular cavity is tank for the cooling fluid.

On the front panel of the service block are located the intuitively intelligible elements of control of apparatus and regimes of the work of manipulators with the appropriate inscriptions and the light indication:

  • key "POWER" with the illumination;
  • button "START" and "STOP" with the light indicators for start and disconnection of manipulator;
  • button "MIN", "NORM", "MAX" with the light indicators for the step control of the air flow rate;
  • the light indicator of the thermal condition of manipulator, and also the hinged conclusion EHP of supply, threaded carbine for the connection of silicone tube with the metallic tip and nest for the connection of pedal. The logic of control of apparatus automatically excludes emergency consequences under the erroneous effects of operator.
The upper part of the housing is the removable cover of the service block, on upper panel of which two containers with the threaded covers at both ends for the custody of manipulators from the delivery set are located, moreover central container is knob for the carrying-over of apparatus. On the upper panel also is located the nest of the built-in cooler of air- plasma flow for the installation in it of manipulator. EHP supply by the length of 1,3 m is hinge attached on the front panel of the service block and is executed in the form the plastic bellows, on end of which is located the joint for the connection to the apparatus of manipulators. Inside corrugations are located the flexible tubes, intended for supply and outlet of that cooling the manipulator of liquid, supplies in the manipulator of working gas - atmospheric air even two conductors for the supply of the electric power supply of manipulator. To the threaded carbine located to front panel the silicone tube with a length of 1,3 m with the change metallic tip for the output from the apparatus of the cooled NO-containing gas flow (NO-CGF) is connected . Service block contains ensuring the work of the manipulator of the system: the supply of atmospheric air, cooling, electric power supply, automation, control, light indication and sound communication.

The basic element of the device is medical manipulator, connected by flexible electro-hydropneumatic (EHP) supply with the service block. Manipulator is fixed on EHP supply by means of the adapter nut and can be easily substituted both to the new (in the case of producing the resource) and on other functional manipulator. For the check of functioning of manipulators the apparatus is supplied with a system of sound communication, which forms the first sound signal during the establishment of the assigned regime of the work of manipulator and the shorter sound signals, which signal every 60 sec. The beeps announce the operation of manipulator. For the control of the thermal condition of manipulator the apparatus is supplied with the built-in system of light indication and sound communication, which begins to function with the prolonged work of apparatus in the intermittent or continuous service. For the remote control of the start and of the disconnection of manipulators in the delivery set of apparatus enters the pedal, which works on the retention.

As a result of the application as the working gas of atmospheric air and use of the contemporary technological and technical solutions with development and production of all systems of device - gas, hydraulic, electrotechnical and electronic - his construction ensures mobility, independence, reliability and operational simplicity, which makes it possible to use the device both in the operating and ambulance conditions and for the dispensary care of patients.

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