Angiodin-М is an ultrasound Doppler system for transcranial, extracranial, peripheral and microvascular blood flow analysis.  

  • Simple and fast connection to PC (USB interface)
  • Deep Doppler scan (the М-mode)
  • Dual gate Doppler for 2 spectograms
  • Spectogram review in the cineloop sound mode
  • Inbuilt sequence of standard examination methods:
    - USDG of brain magisterial arteries
    - TCDG
    - USDG of the upper extremity
    - USDG of the lower extremity
    - Free examination mode
  • An option of creation of individual examination protocols (technology engineer)
  • Multi-window view of written spectograms


  • Diagnosis of stenosis and cerebral and peripheral blood flow occlusions
  • Diagnosis and assessment of stroke risk
  • Assessment of intracranial blood flow during hypertension

Special features of Angiodin-М:

  • Single view of blood flow mapping at a depth of 64 mm in the M-mode
  • Ultra high sensitive 2 МHz PW probe
  • Universal 4 and 8 МHz CW/PW probes for examination of extracranial vessels and venous blood flow in the upper and lower extremities.
  • Special 16 МHz PW probe for microvascular blood flow examination (optional)
  • Automatically calculated parameters: S, D, M, SB, RI, PI, S/D, HR, AI, V, SB, PWRI
  • Special opportunities for processing of examination results:
    - placing a comment on a spectorgam
    - comparing two spectograms
    - common phrases editor
    - sound atlas of spectrogram norms and vascular pathologies
View mode

Additional opportunities (optional):

  • Cerebral blood flow monitoring with embolism detection using a cap (2 МHz probe):

        - Continuous recording of blood flow trends S, M, AWV, RI, PI (electively), of audio data and spectograms

        - Automatic detection of microembolism with attaching of emboli-marks to the trend

        - Real-time display of monitoring data

        - Detalization of characteristics (audio, intensity, threshold) for every micro-embolus in the text and graphic format

        - Diagram visualization of micro-emboli intensity in the real-time mode  

       - Editing of emboli-marks attached to the trend (deleting, browsing and attaching the new ones)

Example of results

officeword.gif Download description Angiodin-М (4,23 МB).
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