It is Doppler ultrasound analyzer of blood flow for bilateral transcranial monitoring, automatic detection of embolism and regular examination (transcranial, extracranial and peripheral).

Angiodin-2К is created to address a wide range of issues of transcranial Doppler monitoring with automatic detection of microemboli and building of histograms of their distribution in real-time mode.

Angiodin-2К meets all the requirements for Doppler expert class systems, used for monitoring of blood flow in blood-vessel and neurological surgery, emergency neurology and intensive care units.

Simple, convenient and efficient are all modes of reproduction, recording, processing and storing of arterial blood-pressure trends, cerebral blood flow and audio-signals, synchronized in time.
The device possesses developed system of customization of user interface, creation, editing of algorithms for carrying out of functional tests and mathematic profiles for data processing.
There envisaged possibilities of expert assessment of examination results in the mode of synchronic spectrogram and audiogram reproduction of any trend area.
Inbuilt utilities allow to archive monitoring data to PC disk and/or to external media of DVD format, to export results to MS Woгd, Excel and support data exchange in local networks.

Example of automatic detection of microembolismUse:

  • Detection of quality and quantity characteristics of cerebral microembolism.
  • Assessment of quality and quantity parameters of blood flow during tectonic coronary, carotic and peripheral arteries surgery.
  • Doppler transcranial ultrasound of vascular system (quantity and quality assessment of changes in cerebral hemodynamics in the course of cerebrovascular diseases).
  • Initial examination of patients with acute cerebral ischemia (early detection of stroke subtype for acute ischemia patients).
  • TDG (USDG) is monitoring of cerebral arteries patency during acute stroke.
  • TDG (USDG) is monitoring during acute stroke period for detection of need for emergency therapeutic or surgical interventions.

Example chart capacity allocation for each channel microembolism monitoring

Work features:

Monitoring mode
  • Continuous recording of:
- S, M, AWV, RI, PI blood flow trends
- audio data
- spectrograms
  • Display of monitoring data in the real time mode
  • Placement of comments on the trend
  • Automatic detection of microembolism with placement of emboli marks on the trend
  • Diagram visualization of microemboli intensity for every monitoring channel in the real time mode
Example analysis of neighborhood microembolismMonitoring processing mode
  • Browsing of written trends and scaling of the selected area with different extents of data detalization.
  • Reproduction of spectrogram and audio of any monitoring area in the "Sound Recorder" mode.
  • "Formula Editor" option for creation of trend assessed performance during blood flow hemodynamics analysis at certain stages of monitoring.
  • Editing of trend emboli marks (deleting, browsing, placing new marks)
  • Detalization of characteristics (audio, intensity and threshold) of every microembole in text and graphic format.
  • "Observer" " mode realization for analysis of microembole’s surroundings (audio signal’s graphics, intensity)
  • Reproduction of a spectrogram in microembole’s surroundings in the "cineloop" mode with an option of simultaneous reproduction of individual trend areas.
  • Autosave of user settings of monitoring (on session completion)
  • Post-processor data processing: browsing, editing, rendering and saving of monitoring results to database.
  • Exporting monitoring data to MS Excel and MS Word. Archiving the data on DVD.

List of equipment:

  • Vascular Doppler set with two 2 MHZ, 4 MHz and 8 MHz probes
  • Cap for cerebral blood flow monitoring with two Doppler probes of 2 MHz PW
  • 2 MHz PW ultrasound Doppler pencil probe
  • 4 MHz CW/PW ultrasound Doppler pencil probe
  • PC not worse than (Core2Duo, RW-2Gb DDR SDRAM, 300 Gb, DVD-RW, OS Windows XP)
  • 19” color multimedia LC monitor on a remote-mount swing arm attached to a mobile cart
  • Remote control
  • «Start/Stop»foot-pedal
  • Monochrome laser printer
  • Line-operated isolation transformer
  • Ultrasonic laser gel - 250 ml flask
  • User’s guide in Russian
  • 8 MHz CW/PW ultrasound Doppler pencil probe
Additional option: 16 МHz PW ultrasound probe

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