Angiodin-Procto is a set for effective hemorroids treatment by ligation under control of Doppler ultrasound.

Assets of the method:

  • Accurate localization of hemorrhoid arteries
  • Lowest risk for the patient and the surgeon
  • Minimal invasiveness
  • Short surgery duration (around 20 min)
  • Local anesthesia
  • An opportunity of outpatient treatment
  • An opportunity to use the device at any stage of the disease

Special features of Angiodin-Procto:

  • Single-acting protoscope of a special construction is supplied with a high sensitive Doppler probe.
  • Continuous wave (CW) and pulse wave (PW) modes for quick and easy search of hemorrhoidal vessels.
  • Spectral analysis of Doppler signal.
  • Highly effective source of evenly distributed light on ultra bright LEDs provides best light for the operation theatre.
  • A special construction of the proctoscope and the ligature window adapted for 2,0 ” half-moon-shaped needle provides highest effectiveness of surgical manipulations.
  • Linear work on the case of protoscope simplifies the navigation of an ultra sound probe through the length and breadth of the diagnostic zone.
Disposable proctoscope with ultrasonic sensor

Delivery set:

  • Doppler block
  • 8 МHz PW/CW (pulse/continuous) ultrasound probe
  • Protoscope
  • Start/stop "Start/stop" foot-pedal
  • Needle holder
  • Stitch material (12 packages)
  • User’s guid
Scheme of stitch ligature treatment of hemorrhoidal vessels

Technical characteristics:

US probes, work modes 8 МHz PW/CW
Automatically calculated parameters Peak (S) and medium (M), end-diastolic (D) velocity, pulse (PI) and resistive (RI) indexes, heart rate (HR), Stuart index (SD)
Probing depth / selection range in the PW-mode 3-45 mm / 1-10 mm
Control 9-button membrane keypad, 2 encoders, “start/stop” foot-pedal
Monitor 5” (13 cm) color LC, 320 х 240 pxls
Electrical safety Class I type BF
Power intake Not more than 30 VA
Print Inbuilt thermal printer (57 mm paper)
Overall dimensions (B х D х H), weight Not more than 230x220x80 mm, 2 kg
Power supply Line-operated (internal block 220/12V), inbuilt battery

officeword.gif Download description Angiodin-Procto (1,18 МB).
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