Processing and analysis of the ECG

In regime of ECG analysis the following opportunities are suggested:

  • Survey of recorded tape
  • Foe review of all registered ECG the possibility of automatically or manual tape pan is provided. Rhythmogram will help to find and look through an interesting image patch with the only click one can proceed heart contraction chosen.

    For artifacts deleting there is a wide set of plain and complicated tools as well. ECG field which can not be analyzed is pointed out on the tape by way of background and signal color change.

    During ECG image sequence of leads outlet can also be changed, change of their place and disconnection any of them as well.

  • ECG Contour analysis with automatic tags pointing. Calculation of amplitude time parameters of any cardiocomplex.
  • Construction of amplitudes value tables and ECG signals duration by 12 leads. Definition of electrical axis vector direction. Pointing and analysis of representation ECG complex in all recorded leads.
  • Automatic electrocardiogram description.

Dialog box “Lens”

Dialog box “Lens”

For electrocardiogram analysis ECG-complex by one lead is chosen. At the same time applied on the ECG outlet region plotting paper allows to appreciate complex parameters without any difficulties.

The system point tooths РQRST automatically out and calculates their amplitude temporal characteristics.

If necessary pointed tags by program can be easily corrected manually.

Moreover using instrument "Compasses", amplitude and duration in any ECG couple of points can be measured.

Dialog box “Complex”

Dialog box “Complex”

In this dialog box the chosen complex by all leads and table of amplitudes value and duration of ECG signal is shown on the screen. Tags are marked automatically with correction possibility in the dialog box “Lens”.

After taken of integral characteristics of cardio-complex, electrocardiogram automatic description is made.

Without leaving dialog box “Lens” or “Complex” it is also possible to look through and review any of the former or next complexes.

If it is necessary to print the parameters of this complex, by the following command “Print” printer will print on the piece of paper electrocardiogram and table of duration and amplitudes of its elements.



Heart rate variability analysis (HRV)

Heart rate variability analysis (HRV)

During heart rate variability analysis the system gives the results by the following methods:

  • time analysis (statistic);

  • analysis of wave heart rhythm structure;

  • scaterogram analysis;
  • spectrogram analysis;
  • Baevsky’s variation pulsometry.

In the dialog box of HRV analysis the results of several different ECG fragments of one or a few patients can also be represented.

For each investigated field the following information is reflected:

  • rhythmocardiogram (either HRF diagram or RR diagram);
  • histogram of R-R intervals distribution;
  • scaterogram;
  • statistic rythmogram parameters;
  • spectrogram’s diagram;
  • numeral spectrogram’s parameters.

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