Loading test program ERGOTEST

For studying of condition of patient’s cardio-vascular system during loads there is a possibility for porting of loading ECG program (veloergometry, stress test) Ergotest.

ECG registration peculiarities in the system Ergotest:

The investigation is held by chosen protocol with level of loading and duration given. During ECG registration the segment shifting (aST) is calculated additionally. The system gives alarm signal and stops investigating when exceeding maximal HRF and aST values.

Peculiarities of processing and ECG analysis in the system Ergotest:

The system allows to make ECG comparative analysis at different levels of loading.

ECG registration peculiarities in the system Ergotest

In the dialog box Trends ST the diagrams of ST segment trends according to all leads are shown. It is necessary to click to choose interesting ST change on the one of these diagrams, the needed ECG field will appear on the screen automatically.


Dialog box HRF+ST+W+ÀP gives integral characteristics of all loading test and contains HRF diagrams, ST segment shifting by the chosen lead, loads (W), signs of arterial pressure measurement (AP) and arrhythmias found by system. Clicking on interesting points one can also see on the tape the necessary ECG fragment. Fields containing artifacts will also be pointed here. 

Instantaneous values

Besides diagrams in different colors here it can be also seen instantaneous (matching to one chosen complex) values of HRF, W, aST, AP and the moment of time.

The results of ECG review can be printed.

Example results Example results
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