Processing and analysis of the EEG

EEG system software provides a big set of EEG processing and analyzing methods and resume forms.

EEG reviewing - view EEG in different systems of leads, separating one of the rhythms from the EEG, EEG editing, EEG filtering, two EEGs comparison.


Mapping of various data: power of frequency bands, median frequency of the band, canonograms (ratio between bands), power on all analyzable frequencies, EEG amplitudes, correlation coefficients, coherence coefficients. 2D and 3D - mapping.

Maps over frequency bands allow investigating asymmetry in every standard frequency band (delta, theta, alpha, beta). Every EEG fragment could be mapped; user can choose section for analysis or get integral characteristic in a time of a functional test.
Maps over frequency bands
Maps over Tests
Maps over Tests
mode shows in one window summary activity maps on every functional test over four or more frequency bands.


Canonograms - distribution mapping of any ranges ratio pairs.
Coherence method

For better understanding of brain activity process (as brain electrical activity) a complex function of coherence method is using in the system as well as traditional correlation analysis. It allows to calculate and plot auto- and cross-correlograms, correlation coefficients table and map of correlation coefficients distribution.


Consequently, correlation and coherence analysis modes are to investigate condition of brain electrical activity space-time organization.
Correlation analysis
Spectral analysis

Spectral analysis - wide settings, using of all standard and additional frequency ranges.

Arbitrary sets of these ranges allow you to realize analysis of any part of EEG quickly and accurately.

Results of spectral (based on Fourier- or wavelet-transform), auto- and cross correlation analysis, coherent analysis, bispectral analysis are represented in tables and figures as well as in graphs, diagrams and distribution charts in the BRAINTEST system.

Table of powers
Table of powers over four standard frequency bands (or more) for all leads in a montage is represented in Digital Data window.
User can evaluate the ratio between constituents of standard frequency band both numerically and qualitative due to Frequency Plane, Band Pie Chart and Digital Data windows.
Band Pie Chart
Compressed Spectral Array
Maps over Tests, Wavelet-analysis, Compressed Spectral Array, Bispectral Analysis, Distribution Law of Spectral Power modes are for analysis of EEG spectral parameters, their dynamics and changes during functional tests.

Probabilistic tomograph: plotting any slice in orthogonal coordinates; superposition of tomograph slices and MRI slices; 3D image of brain electrical activity source.

Tomogram calculation for any EEG fragment, tomogram plotting over all investigation tests.

Probabilistic tomograph
Tomogram by leads
Tomogram by leads mode produces in the same window probabilistic tomograms on each of examination tests in given frequency ranges set.
BRAINTEST system allows to make auditory, visual and cognitive (P300) long latent evoked potentials recording and analysis.

There are a lot of facilities of study evoked potentials in the system, e.g. peak automatically determination, latency, amplitude and square under response evaluation, amplitude and frequency mapping, spectral analysis and different investigations responses comparison, graphs, tables, diagrams etc.

While HRV analyzing system gives results according to the next methods:

  • time domain analysis (statistic);

  • frequency domain analysis;

  • heart rhythm wave structure analysis;

  • variational pulsometry by Baevsky.

  • scatter diagram analysis;

Analysis results of several ECG cases of one or more patients may be allocated in the HRV Analysis window.

This information is available for each considered part of the ECG:

  • rhythmogram (either heart rate graph or RR graph);

  • R-R interval distribution;
  • scatter diagram;
  • rhythmogram statistic parameters;
  • spectrogram
  • frequencies components table.

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