Rheogram processing and review

During the regime of rheograms’ analysis the following opportunities can be used:

  • Recorded tape review.
  • Automatic pointing of rheocomplexes, tags and calculation of amplitude temporal rheocomplex parameters with possibility of manual correction of these tags – Dialog box “Lens”.li>
  • Output of all rheocomplex channels. Table’s construction of amplitude temporal rheocomplex parameters. Automatic description of rheocomplex by method given – Dialog box “Complex”.
  • Automatic classification of rheocomplexes.

Navigation on rheogram using rhythmogram
Review of recorded tape

For analysis of all registered rheogram it is provided the possibility of tape pan automatically or manually. To find and see an interested fragment rhythmogram will help – by one click you see chosen heart contraction.


Selection of sections with artifacts
For artifacts deleting there is a wide set of plain and complicated tools in system. Field of rheogram which can not be considered, is pointed by change of background and signal’s color on the tape.

During rheogram’s review it is possible to change sequence of lead output, change their place and cut any of them off.




Dialog box “Lens”

Dialog box “Lens”

For rheogram’s parameters analysis it is used Lens regime in one of the channels. Rheowave, differential curve, rheographical indices and temporal characteristics of rheowave is depicted in the dialog box. At the same time applied on the output field plotting paper allows easily visual appreciate wave’s parameters.
The system calculates automatically amplitude temporal characteristics of chosen wave. If necessary pointed by the program tags can be corrected by manual way.
Without leaving this dialog box you can look through and review any of the former and next complexes.
Set of characteristics is chosen according to investigated basin.

Dialog box “Complex”

Dialog box “Complex”

In this dialog box chosen rheocomplex, differential rheogram by all leads and table of values of its parameters are depicted. Tags are pointed automatically in order to correct them manually. Automatical description is based on chosen method taking into account age norms.
Without leaving this dialog box you can look through and review any of the former and next complexes. Out of this dialog box you may print only this complex, its parameters and automatic description. Rheograms can be depicted separately by channels and in pairs out of one basin or one side as well.
Different data views in “Complex” mode

Automatic classification

Rheowaves search with similar characteristics and their integration in classes is held on the chosen interval of rhegram registered or for all record. After that representatives of different classes can be analyzed and compare their characteristics in the dialog boxes Complex and Lens.
Therefore there is a possibility to appreciate rheogram’s changeability not only during usual investigation but when making functional tests as well.



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