Rheogram registration

Computer rheograph RHEOTEST allows to register 1,2,4 channel rheogram and 1 ECG channel.
The system supplies registration of rheoencephalography, peripheral rheography, rheopulmonography, hepatorheography, rheocardiography (by Kubichek and Tishchenko).
Convenient and fast interface allows to add the necessary functional tests during investigation.
For more convenient doctor’s work during patient’s rheographic investigation it is provided the possibility of varied information input about him/her, e.g. his/her work phone number.
System RHEOTEST is oriented for different doctor’s demands of visual rheogram presentation: setup system allows to choose tape rate, rheogram and ECG amplification, background and color of rheographic curve.
High quality of rheogram is provided with original schematic technical decisions of amplification.
There is digital filtering of high fidelity in the system, but you need not use it because of the quality of registered rheogram. The meaning of time constanta is chosen depending on investigated basin and can always be changed during registration and by rheogram review as well.

Simultaneously with rheogram registration the measurement of composite impedance and its indication has place to be.

By infeasible values of base impedance the system gives warning for adjusting electrodes. 
Simultaneously with rheogram registration rheographical complexes are pointed automatically out and current HRF value is determined and shown on the monitor.

Any registered part of rheogram can be separated to the group of fragments for being compared with any other recorded parts.
During registration in the system it is provided the possibility of low-key review any of registered complexes in “Lens” regime.
During registration regime fast print can be used and you can get paper copy of registered tape.


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