It is an echo encephalographic module compatible with any modern PC. Equipped with WinEchoExpert® software and universal database it allows to carry out an encephalographic examination.

Special features:

  • Connected to a stationary or portable PC and to the line via USB-interface
  • Dimensions of the module are 18.5х10.5х3 сm, weight - 0.5 kg

The diagnostics capacity of Angiodin-Echo/M lies in:

  • evaluation of the displacement of midline structures
  • detection of localization of brain mass lesions
  • diagnostics of brain hemiatrophy
  • evaluation of hypertension and hydrocephalus characters
  • control of effectiveness of dehydratation therapy
  • detection of cystic lesions, cerebral contusions, intracranial haematomas caused by traumatic brain injuries
  • detection of oedema and brain abscess characters

Angiodin Echo  computer set provides such opportunities as:

  • carrying out examinations and establish diagnosis with the help of WinEchoExpert® software
  • comparing the examination results of the right and the left side of the body
  • automatic setting of a transmission mark
  • automatic calculation of indexes
  • extended capacity for the detection of ripple structures
  • handy user-friendly interface
  • inbuilt software guide
  • inbuilt WinPatientExpert® database
  • saving patients list, examination results and echograms
  • comparing examination results stored in the database with the current ones
  • preparing the conclusion on the basis of programmed templates and printing out the results and the echogram
  • exporting the examination data to MS Word

Technological capacity:А+Т – echogram with a transmission mark

Operating mode:
  • А+А – echogram on the left and on the right-hand side
  • А+Т – echogram with a transmission mark
  • А+Р – echogram and pulsegram
  • А+М – echogram and M-scanner

А+Р – echogram and pulsegram

Automatically calculated parameters:
  • Distance to the terminal complex
  • Distance to M-echo
  • 3rd ventricle breadth
  • Medial indexes
  • Ventricular index
  • Brain mantle index

Ultrasound echo probes: 1 МHz / 2 МHz

Accuracy grade: at 1 МHz frequency– not worse than 3.0 mm; at 2 МHz frequency— not worse than 1.5 mm

Measurement range: 20 – 220 mm

Depth scale: 60 / 120 / 160 / 220 mm

Linear size measurement error — 0,1 mm

Delivery set:

  • Electronic echosignals module
  • 1 MHz ultrasound echo-probes - 2pcs
  • «Start/stop » foot pedal
  • USB interface cable
  • WinEchoExpert® diagnostics program (modes: А, А+А, Т-transmission, А+М scanner, А+Р pulsegram; automatic calculation of medial, ventricular and brain mantle indexes)
  • WinPatientExpert® database (developing variants of medical conclusions, automatic entry generation to patient’s record, printing of patient’s record, graphics and created reports)
  • 24 months warranty
Additional options:
  • 2 МHz ultrasound echo probes (for children-patients)
  • Line-operated isolation transformer.


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