It is an upgraded compact and practical portable echo encephalograph with extended diagnostics capacity and independent power supply.

The construction of the device allows for its successful use both for the purposes of functional diagnostics units and emergency and routine examinations in in-patient clinics, ambulance cars and different field conditions.


Special features:

  • Special shatterproof aluminum case with a prop/handle
  • Automated calculation of distances to the terminal complex, M-echo, detection of width of the 3rd ventricle, automated setting of the transmission mark, automated calculation of medial, ventricular and brain mantle indexes
  • Selection of probing depth (60/120/160/220 mm)
  • Inbuilt memory for up to 100 examinations
  • Summary table of calculated indexes
  • 480х320pxls 5'' monochrome LC monitor
  • Quick print of the results via 57 mm inbuilt thermal printer
  • USB-interface for PC-connection
  • Line-operated and independent power supply (in-built battery and charger)
  • Block dimensions: 30х30х20 сm, weight - 5 kg

Operating mode:

  • А-echogram on the left
  • А-echogram on the right
  • Т-transmission with automatic setting of the mark
  • А+Р pulsegram
  • Measuring the width of the 3rd ventricle

Delivery set:

  • Portable Angiodin Echo-U analyzer (inbuilt echo signals block, 5'' 480х320 pxls monochrome LC monitor, 57 mm inbuilt thermal printer, line-operated and independent power supply – an inbuilt battery with a charger)
  • Ultrasound echo probes 1 МHz – 2 pcs.
  • «Start/stop» foot-pedal
  • User’s guide
  • 24 months warranty

Additional options:

  • Ultrasound echo-probes 2 МHz (for children-patients)

Technical features:

Probing depth 60/120/160/220 mm
Accuracy grade at 1 МHz frequency not worse than 3,0 mm
at 2 МHz 1,5 mm
Measurement error of linear size 0,1/0,25/0,3/0,4 mm
(depending on measurement depth)
Ultrasound intensity Not more than 50 MW/ square cm
Dynamic range of input signal Not less than 90 dB
Amplification control Not less than 40 dB
Power supply Line-operated 220V, 50Hz
Inbuilt battery
(not less than 3 hours of continuous work)
Power intake (without thermal printer) Not more than 20 VA
Electrical safety Class I type B

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